Friday, June 10, 2011

A Message to Vancouver

Dear fans, coaches and players of Vancouver.

I bet you all happy that your Canucks are back in their friendly confines of the Rogers Arena after getting your ass absolutely handed to you in Boston. Talk trash all you want, cry, say that Tim Thomas is lucky, but we all saw what goalie got yanked in Game 4. The more you cry and whine, the more you show what you truly are, scared and desperate. Look, you won Game 1 on a stupid bonehead play, and Game 2 on a fluke, and after that it has all been downhill for ya'll. You have been defeated physically and emotionally, and in the process you have turned the entire hockey community against you for the Canucks cheap dirty play. No matter what Jonah Keri says, the world hates you. I guess that's what happens when you send Nathan Horton to the hospital on a dirty play, and play hockey like a bunch of sissies when the Bruins call you on your shit. But no worries, you only have to sit through two more games, and then you can spend the rest of the summer nursing your wounds, and you can clog up your godforsaken Canadian radio stations with your whines.

It couldn't have gone worse for you, the symbol of your team the Green Men were sent back to Vancouver with their tails between their legs, accomplishing nothing but looking like complete tools on national TV. You honestly think things are going to change because it's back on your ice? Bitch please. I can not wait for the Bruins to go out there and continue punish you all tonight. I would like to see the human sieve Roberto Luongo let up 5 more goals, because we all know the Bruins are in that caveman's head. I'd love to see Shawn Thornton bury one of the Sedin Sisters into the boards. It would be FANTASTIC if Brad Marshmount threw in a few more goals. All of those would be nice, but all I care about is that Bruins leave Vancouver tonight with one more game to win. Just quit crying, you are acting like your team, full of bravado that isn't backed up at all.

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