Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's Game Day, Boys and Girls

Picture courtesy of our friends over at Days of Y'Orr.

Here we are. The Stanley Cup Finals. For the first time since 1992, when I was nine years old. Back then I couldn't have told you the names of 3 NHL players, let alone 3 Bruins - I was far too busy with my Red Sox sticker books and NKOTB novelty-sized buttons. (Come on, you know you had them too.) So needless to say, we've come a long way since then.

This is what we as fans have been waiting for, whether it's 19 years or 28 years or 39 years. And anyone who tells you this isn't going to be the biggest challenge the Bruins have faced in the playoffs so far is either stupid or lying. The Canucks were arguably the best team in the NHL this year. They play well at home. They have a high-powered offense, a stingy defense, and maybe the second best goalie in the league behind Thomas. Their goal differential this season was insane. The Bruins are going to have to play some of their best hockey of the season in this series if they're going to win it all and bring a Cup back to the Garden.

But I truly think they're capable of doing so. Luongo is good, but he's not unbeatable. The Sedin twins are fast, but they're not unstoppable. Salo is tough, but he's not unbreakable. Tim Thomas is probably going to have a game or two like he did in Game 7 of the Conference Finals. Seguin is probably going to have to turn in another gem of a game. Kaberle is going to have to... fuck it - he's a lost cause. But if the B's keep going at it like they have been this entire playoffs, I really really like their chances. Fuck the national predictions, fuck the stats (you rarely hear me say that), and fuck Canada. It's game day, and the time is now. Our time. Boston's time.

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Holy crap this is tense!