Sunday, June 5, 2011

ESPN Misses the Point Volume 6,210

ESPN, do you really think critics were saying "Gosh you know who needs to step up? Alex Burrows." They were saying "ALEX BURROWS SHOULD NOT BE PLAYING IN THIS GAME BECAUSE HE BIT PATRICE BERGERON!!!". Bruins fans are pissed off because it was pretty clear that Burrows maliciously bit Bergeron, and wasn't punished, and then "Voila!" - he wins the game for the 'Nucks. I swear that tWWL is aversive to bringing up controversy, and would rather paint everything with a nice white paint brush. Which isn't a surprise, we have all seen how they have covered Lebron James, Ray Lewis, Brett Favre, Sidney Crosby, Mike Vick, Kobe Bryant, Alex Rodriguez, and a whole other slew of other athletes that 90% of the world can't stand (yes I get it, I left off a bunch of Boston athletes. This is a Boston blog - deal with it). He cheated, was caught on camera, and got away with it, can this fraud of a website stop ignoring that and freaking comment on it?

There isn't a single column on that echoes Mike Millbury's argument that Burrows shouldn't be playing. This isn't such novel idea is it? Shouldn't ESPN be showing both sides of the coin? Guess not, they are just going to stick with the ALEX BURROWS IS THE GREATEST WHAT A PLAYER!!!! angle. You guys suck.

And the title of articles like "Burrow gets last laugh" and "Bruins in denial" makes me homicidal. Can someone tell me why I go to their website anymore?

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ballamiguel said...

Give it time, pal...the WWL just wanted to delay the drama until they could get more quotes and stir up the controversy a little more.