Monday, June 20, 2011

Breakfast with the Hysterics

Welcome back Hysterics,

Hope you all had a nice alcohol fueled Bruins weekend like I did. Let's travel down the merry world of BCHysteria and see how his weekend went....

My Friday was spent looking everywhere for a Bruins shirt for Saturday's parade. I know I know, I should have had a shirt before, but as documented here, the Bruins kind of lost me after their last lockout. I really wanted to find a Brad Marchand jersey, but no place had one, nor did they have any that weren't Mark Recchi (retiring) or Kaberle (most likely gone this offseason). So after freaking out when the mall started closing at 9pm, I found one of those center stands and bought one there. $20 for a nice generic Bruins shirt that I'm sure any die hard at the parade could spot was just bought.

Saturday morning was the parade, got up at 7am (couldn't sleep), and headed over to Malden to pick up the T. Only problem was the entire T station's parking lot was completely full. Luckily a businessman next store allowed me to park in his lot for $10. Not a bad deal at all, because the T lot was $5. We headed into the station, which was packed, but all the people were waiting to use the three machines that gave out Charlie Cards. Silly fools, I have my rechargeable card, didn't have to wait in any line and got onto a nearly empty T. Across from me on the T, was a guy, probably around 60, that proclaimed that he had been drinking since yesterday, and was embarrassed that he couldn't find a Bruins shirt, so he decided to wear a Blue Button up with pink flowers stuffed into the pocket. Look, the guy was loaded, who was I to argue?

I got off around Downtown Crossing and headed over to the parade, to my delight I found a spot almost immediately about three rows back. The only problem was there was a women maybe 25(?) who was absolutely wrecked right behind us blowing a horn non stop (remember its not even 9 yet, the parade starts at 11). The atmosphere there was great though, everyone was in a good mood, and other than some moderately hot girls that cut in front of me, nothing bad happened. Even the police were in good spirits. It was hot as hell out, but who cares, 11:00 came by... no Bruins... 11:30 no Bruins... 11:45... HERE THEY COME. OH MY GOD IT WAS AWESOME. Someone from the Suffolk Law building was shooting yellow confetti onto the street while blasting Zombie Nation and Dirty Water and here comes the Bruins!

Milan Lucic, Claude Julien, Nathan Horton, Andrew Ference. Saw them all. Gotta admit I was a little bummed I couldn't see Recchi, Thomas, Chara or Marchand...but the atmosphere was still awesome. Rene Rancourt's float stopped right in front of us, and he gave a bunch of us three fist thrusts. AWESOME. The chants of "We Got the Cup" rang for a solid ten minutes. Plus for the first time in my life, I was about five feet away from the Stanley Cup. It was surreal, I feel for our old friend Raquel, who I'm sure would have killed to have been there.

After the parade, we headed down Newbury St. to have some victory beers, and watched as the parade moved its way down a parallel street. We headed into Joe's Bar and had a few beers with some other Bruins fans who were all super friendly. It was a great time until....Lyndon Byers showed up. HOLY CRAP. What a perfect way to end the day, seeing a player I remember when I was Bruins fan as a little kid. He even had on the yellow hat. I wish I could tell you this wasn't the coolest thing that has happened in a long time, I really do. But it was. This is one of those days where it just rocks to be a Boston sports fan. The people that rank on us all the time, can sit there and cry all they want, but we can hold our heads up high. We have seen it all, and nothing beats being a Boston fan. Our teams are well run, and best of all fun teams to watch, and this weekend was a celebration for the Bruins. And I'm not even going to get into how awesome it was watching them at Fenway on Sunday (on TV I mean, not live)

And oh yeah, the Red Sox won 2 of 3 against the Brewers. But who cares about them right now? They'll be our lone distraction for the next 3 months. This is Bruins time.

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ballamiguel said...

Did L.B. bring his newborn kid into the bar? Typical Canadian. I saw him earlier at North Station, and he totally ignored myself and the other shouting fans in the pisser line. Not so typical Canadian.