Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Breakfast with the Hysterics

Good morning, friends. Is it me, or is there an awful lot of crying going on this morning? Let's recap the tears:

Wahh wahh, David Ortiz flipped his bat and Jon Lestruzaka hit a few guys with pitches, waah. Shut up. Lester was erratic, and even though he held down the victory, I find it hard to say that BCHysteria's reverse jinx from yesterday worked. Lester has been quite wild as of late, but his velocity is still there, so I'm thinking it's a mechanics issue and not an injury. The Sox need him to continue to be a front-line starter or they have their work cut out for them in the AL East this year. Still, a win over the Yankees and a virtual tie for first place is hard to complain about. BCHysteria is slated to have more on this game and the Yankee fan whining later today. Can't wait.

Wahh wahh, I'm a Miami Heat fan and the Heat lost and everyone hates us and fuck the haters! Are you kidding me? OK, first of all, if you're a Heat fan, you should at the very least UNDERSTAND why people hate them. I don't get all up in arms when people hate on Garnett or Papelbon or the Patriots because I get it. If they weren't on Boston teams I'd probably hate them too, and if I devoted all my time to calling out haters of Boston teams I'd have to quit my full-time job. People don't like the Celtics/Patriots/Bruins/Red Sox. People also don't like the Heat; it's part of being a sports fan. Whining and crying about hate gets you nowhere. And yes, I'm going to continue hating on the Heat. Why? Cuz I hate the Heat! Funny how that works. Memo to Miami Heat "fans" (all 6 of you): People don't like your team. They want them to lose. Get over yourselves.

And our last "Waah waah" installment comes from Bruins haters! Fuck the haters, why you gotta hate on us? People want us to lose, shut up the haters, Thomas is awesome, Chara is awesome! Why doesn't everyone love us?!?!?!

Ahem, sorry. Where was I? Ah yes, people are crying because Rome was suspended for 4 games... huh? Listen, I love big hits as much as the next guy, but the new NHL rules plus the severity of Horton's injury warranted this suspension. Plus, a message needs to be sent (yes, to both teams) that the taunting and the chippy play and the finger biting needs to stop. Yeah, I don't like it either, but that's what the league is going to do. I just fear that tonight we're going to see 800 penalties, most of them against the Bruins. I understand wanting to keep the game clean and all that, but don't go overboard here, please. Let them play. The emotions are running high in this series, and that's what makes it so compelling. I for one don't want to see that change.

Cheer up, everyone!

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