Thursday, June 2, 2011

Breakfast with the Hysterics

Oof, good morning folks, hope you made it throw the night. Mornings like this make doing the nightly recap that much harder, but it has to be done. That's how much we love you, The Hysterics.

Let's start with the Bruins, I guess. Game 1 happened last night, and as much as I'd love to forget it, we lost. With 18.5 seconds left, on a stupid Johnny Boychuk turnover. How many times have we said that this post season? Lost a game because of a Johnny Boychuk turnover. Gah, it was such a promising game too, because Tim Thomas looked invincible in the net, stopping anything and everything aimed his way. Also we actually had a power play that looked productive, with good puck movement, and good looks, but god damn Roberto Luongo stopped everything. I think the real positive that came out of this game is that the Bruins are not going to be over matched by the Canucks. Before this series I was worried that this would be their toughest challenge, but after last night I'm not so sure. Tampa seemed faster, and I think the Lightning offense gave the B's bigger problems than the Canucks ever will. On a side note, and this isn't a "they screwed our team over", but screw the refs. Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals was fantastic hockey because the refs swallowed their whistles and let both teams play, yesterday was like the complete opposite. They called penalties on both teams for the smallest infractions, and then other penalties weren't called like oh I don't know Chris Kelly getting punched in the face after the whistle RIGHT IN FRONT OF A REF. Oh well, the Bruins still looked good, it's game like this you just to just grab your balls and move on, and I have a good feeling for Saturday's game.

If the Bruins didn't get you down, then the TORNADO should have. Living in Boston, I felt like I have always been safe from a few things; earthquakes, tsunamis and tornadoes. Yesterday shattered my illusion, and scared the ever-loving shit of me. As I watched the tornado touchdown in Springfield, I was like, "Shit, what the hell do I do if this hits my town?". Um, I don't have a basement. It was a scary experience, and all jokes aside, thoughts go out to the people in Western and Central Mass.

Finally, the Red Sox got swept by Ozzie Guillen's crazy band of merry men. Six innings and 4 runs of ball out of Tim Wakefield, typical and expected. Rich Hill went down with what looks like a devastating elbow injury, which is fantastic because he hadn't let up a run in 12 innings. Also on Twitter I am hearing mumblings that Dice K is going to need Tommy John surgery, which sucks, but also doesn't suck because that means I won't have to watch him pitch again this year. But that raises the question if he is out, do the Sox go with 6.00 Wakefield, or hope that last outing by Aceves was a fluke? Or do they make a move and trade for another pitcher? Hysterics, if Dice K is out what would you do other than celebrate? Leave it in the comments.

I need an advil or 10...

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