Thursday, May 5, 2011

Some Random Thoughts During an Afternoon Sox Game

So I wanted to get a post up first thing this morning because I was so pumped about the Bruins and I had a million things to say. But sadly, this thing called "employment" got in the way, and I'm sure you've read everything there is to read about the game by now. So as you sit at work listening to the Sox on the radio or furiously refreshing GameCast, here are some general musings on Boston sports in general:

*Fuck, the Bruins look good right now.

*Last night's Sox game ended at 2:45 AM. Never was I more glad that I turned down tickets.

*Have you ever seen a fan base more panicked to be up 3-0? Look, last year was last year. You can't draw many comparisons other than "Look, it's the same two teams!". Me, I'm quite relaxed and just looking forward to the next game. If they lose it, or god forbid lose the next TWO, then come ask me how I'm feeling. But as of right now, bring it on, Phuckers.

*I still think listening to offers for Lowrie wouldn't be terrible, but I am loving this tandem with him and Scutaro right now. And it's huge that Lowrie can play more than just shortstop. Which proves, amongst other things, that Terry Francona is an awesome manager. Still, if a team comes a-knocking, there is no way he should be off-limits. And if he keeps playing like he is, the opportunity will be there.

*All that said, can people stop talking about Lowrie like he is the second coming of Cal Ripken? He's a good, versatile player, but the talks of him playing outfield, catching, pitching, player-managing, and helping with the Patriots pass rush problems are getting a little ridiculous.

*A housekeeping note: we are working on a site revamp, including a new logo/banner, new layout, and possibly moving away from Blogger. If you or anyone you know is good with graphic design, please reach out to us. We can pay you in beer (the most accepted form of payment in the US). Also, if you have us saved as a favorite, please use and not the blogspot address, so in the event that we do move, you won't miss out on all the snarkiness, swearing, and dick jokes.

*I'm heading over to the House of Blues near Fenway after work to taste (get shitfaced off) Jon Lester's and Clay Buchholz's new charity wines. Check my twitter for updates from there, including but not limited to "What is Heidi Watney wearing?". I'll also tweet a pic of my restraining order. Also, if you're going as well, let me know! I'll buy you a free sample of wine, cuz I'm cool like that.

*I'm really REALLY resisting talking about how excited I am about the Bruins today. Last night, I mean... FUCK! I don't want this jinx falling down on me! So I'll just leave it at this...

*Fuck, the Bruins look good right now.

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