Friday, May 13, 2011

The Morning After: A Non Sports Day Link Dump

Hi everyone,

Nothing happened last night in sports, well unless you still are following the NBA (I gave that up for post Lent), or care about the Red Wings/Shark series. After some consideration SmartyBarrett and myself decided that the best thing to do on these sports less days is a link dump. There are some other fantastic blogs out there, many of which you may have never read, so it's our duty to edumacate you to them. So take this as a shout out to the fellow bloggers out there, who day in and day out provide better content and opinions than anything you will find on WEEI and 90% of the mainstream media.

Friday's Gigantic Dump

Hey nerds, open up your wallet and help out the Jimmy Fund. The Red Sox are giving all you cellar dwellers a reason to come out of your parents basement and learn more about your statistics. Go back and mash on your calculators you geeks. [Surviving Grady]

The boys over at Days of Y'Orr talk about Tampa Bays most important player. Great read, especially for pink hats like me who have never heard of any of these players. D-WAYNE R-o-l-SON? [DAYS OF Y'ORR]

Red's Army is contemplating what will happen next year and into 2012. Will Paul Pierce come off the bench? Head asplodes. [Red's Army]

After losing to the *Gulp* Heat, they wonder, do we retool, rebuild, or try it again? [Celtic's Blog]

If you need to have a visual representation illustrating why John Lackey is horrible check this out [Fire Brand of the AL]

True college sports in the Northeast plays second fiddle, but if you haven't been following how college athletes have continued to shoot themselves in the foot on Twitter, you should [In The Bleachers]

Boston College just added a recruit from Germany. I don't care if he ever plays for BC, I'm just hoping he doesnt hijack Nakatomi Plaza, because let's face it, John McLane is getting too old for this shit [BC Interruption]

This has nothing to do with sports, but I couldnt stop laughing at this post after hearing there is actually going to be a movie called Dinosaurs vs Aliens [Film Drunk]

Finally, BostonSportsThenanNow is doing a sports blog shin dig at West Side Johnnies. Smartybarrett and I will emerge from seclusion and will be attending this event, most likely heavily inebriated. If you actually want to meet us, you should register and come along as well! [Boston Sports Blogapalooza]

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