Monday, May 9, 2011

A Few Ideas for the Next Red Sox Charity Wine

So as I mentioned a few days ago, Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz each released wines last week to benefit cancer research. And of course, each wine has a hilariously punny name: ChardonClay for Buchholz and CabernAce for Lester. Which got the wheels turning in my head... what would they name JD Drew's wine? Or Daniel Bard's? Here are some suggestions for various players:

White ZinfandElf - Dustin Pedroia

SHITraz - John Lackey

Beistling - Adrian Gonzalez

ChinBeard Blanc - Bobby Jenks

Pinot NoWAR - Jason Varitek

Tito Grigio - Terry Francona

Seven Years, 142 SeMillion - Carl Crawford

Sauvignon タ トウ まわ・る こま・る - Daisuke Matsuzaka


Wine is for Chicks and Queers. Beer Me. - Josh Beckett

Any other good ones? Toss 'em in the comments!

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