Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Breakfast with the Seguinistas

h/t to Matt Kalman of The Bruins Blog for coining the term "Seguinista".

Now we all know why Seguin didn't play much during Lent. BECAUSE HE GOES HAM!

How awesome was this kid last night? He's played about as much professional hockey in the past month or so as I have, and he comes in and just goes OFF in a big way, almost single-handedly leading the Bruins to the win. Two goals and two assists in the 2nd period alone, and this is after scoring in his first playoff game last game. The folks clamoring for him to get more minutes, especially on the power play, are looking quite smart today. But let's not throw a ton of blame at Claude, OK? Everyone that's screaming about "Oh jeez Claude dood gai, whey-ah was Seguin da last month of da season dood? He is fahkin awesome! Yoo saaahck, Joolieehhn!" I'm not here to start a crusade that he is an amazing coach, but I don't recall many of these fans screaming that Seguin should play in the Montreal or Philly series. It's only after he got plugged in by default that people were anointing him the savior. Not taking anything away from Seguin at all - he has been amazing, but I do feel like Claude takes more heat in this town than he should.

And speaking of which, Chiarelli said on Toucher and Rich this morning that Bergeron took limited contact in drills yesterday, which is all kinds of awesome. He's got to be real close to coming back, which begs the question: who goes? I'm thinking it's got to be Thornton, he's hardly getting any minutes now as it is. And then when they need a goon to break St. Louis' legs, they can make another move. Also, does it worry anyone else that the B's have given up 5 goals in 2 games? There's certainly plenty to work on before Game 3 in Tampa.

But in the meantime, this one's for you, Tyler:

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