Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Breakfast with the Hysterics

Two of Tampa's finest residents.

Good morning everyone, I hope everyone is geared up for tonight's Bruins game. I know I am; nice weather out, a shot at the Stanley Cup Finals - this only means one thing: DRINKING! And please, please, PLEASE don't drink Natty Ice like the rednecks in this pic. I don't care if you're still in college - crack open a Sam's or a Harpoon or a Magic Hat or something. Get that local flavor and rep Boston for crissakes. You're gonna need something for when you're on the edge of your seat... shit, I'm nervous already.

Recapping last night's action, we saw the Red Sox FINALLY beat Cleveland! Woo hoo! Drew Carey Show DVDs and Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame bumper stickers for everyone! Josh Beckett was absolutely dominant once again, Rich Hill continues to state his claim to assist Bard in the setup role, and... wait, this can't be right... Jason Varitek hit a ho... hit a homeru... nah, pretty sure that was just a dream. Weird that I dreamed it, AND it was a typo in the box score! How random is that? In all seriousness, it's awesome to see the catchers coming around. Plus, Wakefield, Varitek... seems like everyone we call out here starts to kick ass! So let's keep it going: hey Pedroia - how about you stop slugging 0.318? Move Crawford up to second and drop Pedroia to 8th!!!!1111!!!! (That should do the trick.)

Sox have a day game today as Lester takes on Mitch Talbot... and hey, look at that! If the season ended today the Sox would be in the playoffs. Not bad after a 2-10 start. With the Sox at noon, that frees up your night for grilling, drinking, and Bruins, without having to fiddle with the remote. Hopefully it ends tonight, although I wouldn't hate a few more days of making fun of Florida - the material is ENDLESS. I'll leave you with this one:

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