Friday, May 20, 2011

Breakfast with the Hysterics

I spy with my little eye... more Bruins fans than Lightning fans.

What a great morning to be a Boston sports fan! The Bruins won in that seething cesspool that is named Tampa Bay, the Red Sox walked off with a win because of a guy Tampa Bay produced but couldn't afford to keep. Can anything be any better. (Don't look out the window, that doesn't count). Let's take a look at what's been a happenin' in the Boston sports.

As mentioned before, I am the pinkest of pink hats in my love for the Bruins. But god I am falling in love with this team. Last night's game was awesome, because again the Bruins showed they can win in a variety of ways. Game 2 was a fly down the ice as fast as possible and shoot, and most likely score, last night was a defensive and goal tending master piece. Again, I don't know a lot about hockey, so can someone explain to me why people have been all over Tim Thomas this post season? I get the "he gives up easy rebound" argument, but games like last night show why he has been one of the best goalies this season. I can't believe how many saves he made against open looks by the Lightning. This was the ultimate "shut the fuck up" game for Mad Cow and the rest of his inbred listeners. Oh you lost at home, go cry to mommy, and while your at it, wipe your tears off with a bag of dicks. Seriously though, I hope that bag of hairy dicks taste great Tampa Bay.

Which leads to the Red Sox game. Tampa, thanks for Carl Crawford. Because of your shitty fan base that doesn't show up to anything, we now a hitter who can rival David Ortiz for clutchiest hitters in the history of clutch. I hate your fan base, your a bunch of bandwagon frauds, who get their home stadium packed out with your opponents fans because your own fans are too old and pathetic to get out and support their team. Joshua Beckett had a great game last night, looking strong through 6, but had to be pulled because of a stiff neck, which I could mock, but goddamn it those things suck. Our prince of regression statistics Daniel Bard blew a save allowing home runs to two Tigers in an inning, Brandon Boesch, and Senor El Drunk Drivo. But Papelbon came in and somehow escaped a bases loaded one out situation without letting up a run. In comes the best name in all of baseball "Al Albuquerque", who walks Youk, allows a hit to Papi, intentionally walks JD Drew, lets up a bloop hit to Lowrie but Iglesias is gunned down at the plate. Carl Crawford comes up, rifles a line drive over the center fielders head, and game over. By the way the Red Sox are now 21-10 since their 2-10 start. Tampa Bay, how is it going to feel when your baseball and hockey team blow it to teams from Boston? Eat it pal.

Finally, a bit of shameless self promotion. I know many of you here know I am a crazy BC fan, and most of you don't give a rat's ass when I talk about them on this here blog. Well, your prayers have finally been answered. I have been given an opportunity to write for BCInteruption and will be a regular contributor over there. This will not change a thing here, I will still be posting at the same rate as I am currently, I am just keeping all my BC material on a format where, you know, people actually care about it. It's a win win situation for you the reader! So if you actually enjoy my BC material, head over to BCI and catch up with me there, but if you only want to read stuff about the C's, B's, Sox and Pats, stick with us here! Or both. Your choice. CHOOSE, CHOOSE NOW. Ciao!

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