Thursday, May 19, 2011

Breakfast with the Hysterics

Morning Hysterics, this weather is starting to get to your favorite foul mouthed editor. This dreary rain and cold temperature feel like its been going on for an eternity. I'm certain I haven't seen the sun in a month. ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKE BCHYSTERIA A DULL BOY. ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKE BCHYSTERIA A DULL BOY. ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKE BCHYSTERIA A DULL BOY. Sorry, I have been having a lot of those moments lately. I feel like I'm not the only one who has been effected by this smorgasbord of smog; drivers are even more asshole-ish, my dog bit me for no reason yesterday, and baseballs seem a little more dead in this weather.

Last night was a quieter night in Boston sports, only one game on the tap, Sox-Tigers at the Pea Soup Fenway Park. I hate going to these rainy cold games, but I have to admit they are kind of fun to watch on TV. Every ball that is hit is an adventure, is it going to left field, second base or foul? Definitely the player of the game in that department was Scott Sizemore of the Tigers, who on at least two occasions made circus catches when the ball was hit at him. Mike Cameron also made, I hate to use the cliche "Brunansky-esque" sliding catch in the 7th to save the game. Other than the fog, the game was pretty boring, the ball knocked down everything hit in the air, and the only scoring of the game came after a walk to Carl "My shoulder is flying open against lefties again" Crawford, and ripped double by Jarrod Saltala-alphabet. God they stink. Clay Buchholz threw a 128 pitches, which I never knew he had in him.

Can I give a shout out to the Red Sox fans that actually stuck it out during that game and the litany of other shitty weather games this year? I know our fan base gets a bum rap about basically everything, we are blow hards, jerks, you name it, but a golf clap to our fans. If this was in Tampa and they actually had the balls to play their games outdoors instead of in that shit-hole they call the Trop, the game would have had 25 fans tops...and they'd all be Boston fans. Boston fans are a hardy crew, I can't believe how many people stuck it out for last nights game. I can't say I would have, hell Smarty Barrett and I had tickets offered to us and we declined them, because we didnt' want to sit in this weather. Yes we are sissies. Look I hate getting my hair wet, and my fur jacket just looks just awful when it's wet.

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Gweemus said...

Yay! to to the improved background. Did not like the black.

PS: Boatdrinks? what a loser :-)