Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Breakfast with the Hysterics

First, the good news. This asshole above just got suspended for 5 games.

I was taking great pleasure watching this game, as the Lakers got smoked, Kobe glared at teammates, and Phil Jackson inched closer to (a hopefully painful) death. But then shit got ugly. Look, I like seeing a guy get knocked on his ass as much as the next day. I still get kind of giddy watching Coco Crisp dodge a punch from James Shields, or Nolan Ryan bash Robin Ventura's skull. But this Odom/Bynum crap was completely uncalled for. It was like when you beat a 5 year old at Hungry Hungry Hippos and they throw a tantrum. I don't often agree with Mike Tirico, but he was dead on. Total bush-league cheap shot, and the whole "win like a champion, lose like a champion" cliché applies. Fucking embarrassing shit, and I hope in addition to his suspension and his loss of roughly $700,000 in salary, Bynum gets whats coming to him next year when the Mavs insert a goon to put him in a wheelchair.

You know things aren't going well when you're getting excited about the Red Sox reaching .500, only to have them lose in extra innings thanks to some guy named David Cooper. I believe only two teams in the majors haven't been at .500 or above all year, and one of them is the Sox. Despite (Hey hey hey, it's..) Matt Albers blowing it and Toronto running all over the Sox pitchers/catchers, there were certainly some positives to take out of last night. A-Gonz is getting his Alan Alda on as he continues to MASH, no one is regretting picking up Ortiz's option, and Ellsbury and (*gasp!*) Carl Crawford remain red hot. If the offense stays hot, the Sox are certainly going to keep it going and be over .500 in no time. Jon Lester forgetting how to throw strikes won't happen very often.

I've been debating all morning which video I was going to put up this morning, with two awesome albums coming out yesterday. One of them was going to be from Tyler the Creator of OFWGKTA, who, if you haven't checked them out, are AWESOME. They're the best teenage rappers I've heard since Hanson covered "N*gga What, N*gga Who". But instead, I opted for this video. Enjoy.

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