Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Breakfast with the Hysterics

Morning again hysterics! Ever woke up and felt like you're in a haze for the entire morning and you can't shake it? That's what this morning feels like to me. I stayed up way too late last night watching sporting events, and my homemade Keurig Iced Coffee seems awfully weak this morning. Could someone please come to my office and give me a quick shot of pure liquid adrenaline? Thanks, otherwise I'm face planting into my keyboard in the next 10-20 minutes. But enough about me, let's check out the games.

Last night's Celtics game was particularly numbing. Watching the game, you had that sense of dread that this game wasn't going to go well, and even after they crawled back over and over again, you sensed they were a Lebron dunk or Wade steal away from losing control of the game. And that was exactly what happened. Paul Pierce did everything that he could to: score 27 points and keep up with some good defense against Lebron. Now, I could post about how much I hate the NBA refs (My god I do), or that Lebron/Wade are allowed to get away with whatever they want (that charge against Pierce was absolute bullshit), but that's not the point. The point is, the Celtics lost because the Heat were quicker, that last possession in the 4th was a blown up play, and the Heat had legs that could hang around longer in an overtime game. I was exhausted watching the Celtics in OT, and my god they looked even worse. KG had a terrible game, and by the end it seemed like he could no longer jump anymore. Overtime was just one giant "The Heat have got this" moment, and Boshtrich's tip-in sealed it. God I hate him - is there a more overrated player in the NBA? Wade and Lebron carry that team, Bosh just kind of is there. Celtics are in a huge hole now down 3-1 going back to Miami and the safety of refs who will never call a foul on the Heat for anything. I can't wait to see what the Heat look like in 2 years when Bosh is even more useless and Wade's knees are replaced by super balls.

The Red Sox on the other hand continue to give fans a reason to believe. Last night Josh Beckett continued his "Get the fuck off my plate, I'm pitching" tour, and held the Twinkies to 5 hits and no runs over 7 innings. But that wasn't enough, Alfredo Aceves came into the game and immediately put a base runner on, balked him over to second, and then Papelboner quickly let him in with a single to Jason Kubel. Tie game, no win for Beckett. Nick Blackburn on the other end did a great job pitching as well, mainly because the weather made the ball jump off the bat like a lead weight. The game went to extra innings when Hideki "I can't believe they still have me on the roster" Okajima came into the game. Figured it was over at this point, especially when he let two runners on, but he escaped, not once, but twice. Good for him. In the 11th, after JEDI WARRIOR!!!111!!! was walked, Carl Crawford smashed a double that scored the winning run, and the Red Sox are now only 1 game below .500. Yay!!!!

It was an exciting night in sports, leave your thoughts on last nights games in the comments. Ciao.

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