Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Breakfast with the Hysterics

So full disclosure: I was at Fenway Park last night, so I missed the entire Celtics game. Seems like it was a blessing in disguise. From reading my Twitter and Facebook timelines it seems people had some problems with the officiating yet again. Shocking! LeBron is a superstar and he hasn't won a ring yet - the NBA is going to give him all the freakin calls he needs because his jersey sells. I love basketball, but at this time of year, I always feel a certain amount of hate creep up for the NBA - it really is a joke sometimes in terms of the refs. No other professional sport is like this. When did it get so bad? I remember watching Jordan as a kid and I don't recall it being like this. Although maybe I was just too young and stupid to pick up on it.

On the plus side, the Red Sox game was all kinds of awesome. Can they play the Angels every game? Their bullpen is just a gallon jug of suck, and the Sox seem to have their number no matter the situation. Maybe the Angels just need to bunt more. It was great to see A-Gonz go deep, Ortiz go deep AGAIN, and Jed Lowrie bust out of his funk. Hell, even Scutaro got in on the action! The pitching has been fine for some time - if they can get like 4 or 5 or 6 guys in their lineup scorching hot, they're pretty damn unbeatable. Also, expect a BIG correction in Crawford's number coming soon, and in a good way. It's going to be so awesome when he breaks out - he is super fun to watch.

On a housekeeping note, I will be at the House of Blues foundation room tomorrow evening for the debut of Clay Buchholz's and Jon Lester's new charity wines. They had me at "free booze" - the fact that two Sox players (and Heidi Watney!) will be there only sweetens the deal. I'll keep everyone posted on how delicious the wines are, and I'm sure I'll have information on when they'll be available for purchase, but in the meantime: are any of our blogger/Twitter friends going to this? Hit me up!

And time to bring another tradition back: the music video with the breakfast post. Not only does this tune have a sports-related title, but it calls out our blog by name. Nasty Nas in your area.

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