Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Breakfast with the Hysterics

Another night of Boston sports, another exciting night of action in both games. Hope you all got to sit back, pour a cold one and enjoy the games. Also, Bin Laden is fish food right now, so there's that. USA! USA! USA! Alright enough of this patriotism, let's get to SPORTS! (Drinks muscle milk, smashes head into wall.)

Remember all the talk at the beginning of the season that said Clay Buchholz would regress because he was "extremely lucky" last season? This season has shown that most of the statisticians that live in their mother's basement were right. He wasn't nearly as sharp, and seemed to get rocked every time he went out to pitch. Last night we got to see some more of the 2010 "Lucky" Clay Buchholz. He allowed a ton of hard hit balls (and hits), but somehow the Angels struggled to put crooked numbers on the board. That is probably due to Mike Scoscia's anti-"clogging the basepath"-mentality. Runner on base? BUNT!!!!!!!! HIT AND RUN!!!!!! MOVE THE RUNNERS OVER!!!!! I will never understand why he is considered a good manager; the 2002 World Series was pure luck. I guarantee he never wins another one. So Buchholz got kind of lucky last night, but the bats certainly did not. They stretched out Jered Weaver, and had him out by the 6th inning, and by the 7th the middle of the Sox lineup completely PWNED the Angels bullpen. Sox win 9-5. God I wish the Red Sox could play the Angels more often, they seem to be the cure for all that ails them. The only real negative of the night was Jacoby Fragilellsbury left the game with a left leg contusion, which will probably shelf him until the All Star Break.

My pink hat love of the Bruins continued last night as the Bruins took the hearts out of the chest cavity of Philadelphia fans and shoved it down their throats. Tim Thomas, as much as people rip on him in this town, won that game last night almost on his own. The Flyers at one point broke a playoff record with 22 shots in one period, and they spent most of the 3rd period shooting target practice at Thomas, but he was not to be denied. Thomas definitely leaves himself wide open for more rebound opportunities, but he is such a fun goalie to watch. I love the Bruins are up 2-0, but thoughts of last years epic collapse still scare the ever loving crap out of me. The Flyers series is kind of like the hunt for Osama Bin Laden....they may not be as powerful as they were, but you won't sleep well until you know they are gone. Please Bruins, just put a figurative bullet in the Flyers head.

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