Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Birthday Poem for Matty Ryan

My dearest Matty Ryan, on this your special day,
I'd like to send my wishes and kisses your way.
Though you now may be married and in new love's bliss,
You may never find a true love like this.
At the Heights I watched you throw passes with ease,
After touchdowns you'd point to the stands,
And I thought, Oh what a tease!
I'd follow you to class whether you knew or not.
And watched while you showered, OOH YOU'RE SO HOT!
Though now you're in Atlanta, and you live so far away
Naked photos of me I mailed to you, UPS'd, on the way.
My friends say I'm creepy, and some think I'm weird.
But oh Matty I'm sure you'd love the feel of my beard.
We miss you in Boston, Chase Rettig ain't the same.
Spaziani wouldn't blow it with you in the game.
So today is your birthday, you turn the big two-six,
I wish I could meet you, I could show you my tricks ;-)
No I'm not gay, I just enjoy watching Glee
Sending well wishes to you on your bday

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