Wednesday, May 4, 2011

And with the 51st pick in the UFL draft, the Omaha Nighthawks select....

Mark Herzlich. Like the rest of the free world I know next to nothing about the UFL. I couldn't tell you the teams, where the hell they play, and who plays there. Are they even on TV? (Yes according to wikipedia, they are shown on Versus and something called HDNET). At first I just thought this was a publicity stunt by a desperate and completely irrelevant "football league". But as Twitter commenter @MookWilliams said to me yesterday, the UFL is a great place for agents and players, because it allows marginal players to get seen by the NFL and scouts. Also with the lockout, "marginal" NFL talent like Herzlich will get exposure with live game situations that may or may not impress NFL scouts whenever they decide to play football again. So if playing in the UFL maybe isn't a bad thing for Herzy, let's do a little research on the Nighthawks:
  • The UFL doesnt believe in a homefield. They play at home "Fields", and the Nighthawks play on average in front of 20,000 people. After playing at Alumni Stadium for four years, Herzlich will feel right at home.
  • The Nighthawks finished in last place because of the expert coaching of one Jeff Jagodzinksi. Yes the same no recruiting, interviewing with the Jets suck bag, that coached Herzlich at BC.
  • The Nighthawks backup running back is Maurice Clarett. You may remember Clarett as the starting running back for the NCAA Champions THE Ohio State, who had an 18 TD year in 2002 then proceeded to follow that season up with a dismissal from OSU for Academic fraud, armed robbery, and getting arrested by the ATF for carrying a fucking AK47.
  • Chad Jackson is on the roster. Yes, the answer to the question "Why doesn't Bill Belichick trade up in the draft anymore?"
  • Jeremiah Masoli was drafted two rounds ahead of Herzlich. Masoli would get along well with Clay Buchholz, and probably could create one kick ass laptop stealing ring. He also likes weed.
Will Herzlich even report to Omaha? Maybe, with the lockout of the NFL extended to June, he might just want to get some exposure and a paycheck. I just hope he opens some NFL scouts eyes and gets the hell out of Omaha. Because seriously there is nothing out there but cows, grass and corn, and Herzlich demands more.

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