Tuesday, April 19, 2011

When I'm Wrong, I am Wrong (Dice K Edition)

If you jumped by Mass Hysteria yesterday, you would have saw an entire drinking game based on the probability that Red Sox pitcher Dice K Matzusaka would get crushed by the Blue Jays. I figured he was pitching like balls, and hadn't given hope that things would change. Well if you played along with the game, you most likely ended up either a) staying depressing sober or b) said screw the game and drank whatever and whenever you want. I hope you picked option B.

Dice K looked awesome yesterday, where the hell did this pitcher come from? I know its the Blue Jays, who are hitting Corey Patterson second, and John McDonald for some reason is still getting at bats, but it was a pretty awesome outing for the Dice. Only 1 hit and 1 walk in 7 innings? Even more surprising was he wasn't leaving the ball over the heart of the place, his fastball all of a sudden had life, and did a great job picking up the corners. It also helped that John Farrell in the is doing everything in his power, to get fired by the end of the season. Between sending runners down by 5, to having Octavio Dotel pitch against lefties, and hitting Patterson 2nd, it was a horribly managed series.

If you read my Twitter (follow me if you haven't already), I was blasting Dice K a week ago just like just about everyone else in Boston. I wanted him released, traded, demoted, deported, tarred/feathered, or rocket shipped to the moon to whatever planet he is from. I compared him to Hideki Irabu, and was fine with Dice losing starts to the rotting corpse of Tim Wakefield, and shockingly agreed with the chumps at Boston Dirt Dogs. One game is a very small sample size, and it is the shit-tastic Blue Jays, but maybe just maybe I jumped to conclusions too quickly. He's our 5th starter, all we need to ask of him is 5 maybe 6 innings of work, and 3 ERs, and he will be fine. Is that going to be too much to ask? Possibly. But after his showing yesterday, maybe, and I hesitate to say this, but the Red Sox greatest enigma, Daisuke Matzusaka could be a serviceable pitcher and not a problem after all.

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