Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We Need A Little Controversy...

So anyone who hasn't been living under a rock lately knows that Jed Lowrie has been, how do I put this... TEARING SHIT UP. I mean, just this past weekend he ripped 14 doubles, crushed 52 homers, batted 8.000, finished 7th in the Boston Marathon, and impregnated your girlfriend AND your ex with one ejaculation.

OK, all joking aside, he has been basically the best Sox hitter all year, and at times it seems he's the ONLY guy in the lineup who's hitting. He has officially relegated Scutaro to the bench and has even started batting in key slots in the lineup, at least until Carl Crawford realizes the season has started. I don't even want to imagine where the Sox would be right now if it weren't for Lowrie. He's been the MVP of this team through the first 16 games, and it's not even close.

Which is why I think the Red Sox should trade him.

OK, if that last line just made your pink hat fly off your head, you should probably stop reading here. If it made your Red Sox belly ring spin around so fast it got caught in your glittery Ellsbury jersey, this isn't the blog for you. May I suggest throwing on the latest Dropkick album and watching Boondock Saints until the next season of Sox Appeal starts up. Look, I am loving what Lowrie is doing as much as the next die-hard fan. But if you're willing to set the homerism down for a second and think about this rationally, then come along this journey with me.

For those that don't know, the Red Sox have a shortstop currently in Pawtucket by the name of Jose Iglesias. He was ranked the team's #2 prospect by Baseball America for 2011, and the #1 prospect is no longer even in the organization (Casey Kelly). BA also named him the best defensive infielder in the system, and projects him to be the Sox starting SS in 2014. He's also currently ranked the #2 prospect on, behind Ryan Kalish. Long story short, the guy is nasty. His defense is already being called Gold Glove caliber, and he's rocketing though the system. He'll be in Boston next year at the latest, and could see some time in the bigs this year, even if it's in September. The organization is high on him and there's no reason they shouldn't be. Simply put, he's the shortstop of the future.

So what does this all mean? What's the point, Smarty? Well, it means that starting next year, there is no place for Jed Lowrie on this team. Youkilis, Pedroia, and Gonzalez are all locked in at 3rd, 2nd, and 1st (respectively) for quite some time, so you can't bounce Lowrie to one of those positions. They could keep him as a backup, but if he's really as good as he has been hitting thus far in 2011, the Sox aren't going to want him wasting away on the bench. And before you suggest trading Iglesias, stop. He's young, he's frankly too damn good, and they want him around for the foreseeable future. Which leaves trading Lowrie.

Yeah, I know, it sucks. Especially since you just bought your new JEDi WARRIOR t-shirt. You know the one with Lowrie as Luke Skywalker, and instead of a lightsaber, he has A BAT?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. And remember your Facebook status the other day that said "Come and listen to a story about a man named Jed" and like 8 of your friends liked it?!?! COME ON!

But let's be real here - his value is so high right now, the Sox should cash in while the can. They could probably get a BOATLOAD for him. And it's not quitting on the season and it's not rebuilding and it's not RUININ' YA SUMMAH! It's a smart business decision that can get your stud prospect to the majors a little sooner. And it's maximizing your return for a guy whose days with this team are numbered anyway. So if you're on board, turn off your Dropkick's CD and throw on some Bailamos... and get ready for Iglesias time.

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dubbschism said...

dear Julian Tavarez,

first off, congrats on joining the internet! i had no idea your grasp of the written english was so good. room for improvement, to be sure, but i'm impressed.

anyway, i like your idea about trading Jed Lowrie. because like you mentioned, there's no room for him here when Iglesias arrives. in 2014.

but the notion that you should trade your only (thus far) offensive weapon because you have a superior defensive (but far inferior offensive) replacement for him three years down the road, at a time when your team (who is supposed to be contending) is currently trying to scratch its way out of a deep, deep basement just three weeks into the season is decidedly laughable.

look - if you get an A prospect for him, or a couple B prospects, you do it. but since Steve Phillips gave up being a baseball exec to go out and cruise for fat chicks, nobody is going to offer you that kind of deal just because of three (actually two) weeks of hot Jedi mind tricks in April. let him play, let him keep mashing, deal with him booting the ball every three innings, and worry about the farm system later.

but keep those crazy theories coming, you Freddy Krueger-looking bastard!

dubb s.

SmartyBarrett said...

Iglesias is slated to arrive in late 2011 per / Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe / every other source I've read. The 2014 piece is just something BA does for every team. They project their 2014 lineup and rotation. Why? Who knows. So the notion that Iglesias is 3 years away is wrong. He is months away. Sorry for the confusion.

SmartyBarrett said...

Also, I wouldn't advocate starting Iglesias right away - they still have Marco Scutaro after all. But Lowrie is going to fall back to earth sooner or later, and when he does his value slides. If they aren't at least seeing what they can get at this point, I think it's a mistake.

dubbschism said...

Lowrie can hit. this is not a mirage. career line in the minors: .284/.380/.445

HZMLS said...

He also fields like Derek Jeter.

Gweemus said...