Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Life as a Pink Hat Bruins Fan

I will be the first to admit: I am a Pink Hat, a loathsome detestable creature out to ruin your sports experience. Wel,l at least this is true when it comes to following the Boston Bruins. During the regular season, I probably could count the number of games I watched on one hand. I only watched those games because they were being shown at the bar where I was imbibing copious amounts of booze. I know next to nothing about the team, I could probably name about 5-6 players, and haven't the slightest clue who 98% of the players are in the NHL. Who had the most points this year? I don't know, Joe Thornton? Vezina winner? Dominick Hasek, he still play? I don't even know who won the Stanley Cup last year. Worst of all, last week I was listening to the Bruins game on 98.5 and I honestly had a hard time distinguishing between Canadiens and Bruins players. Hell I don't even have a clue what position Milan Lucic plays; I assume its a winger, but I'm not sure. I know this post is going to draw a lot of readers scorn, but I am okay with that, I need to be honest about this. What can I say, I've completely lost touch with the NHL. But when it come to playoff hockey, I transform into a rabid fan. Am I a bandwagon Bruins fan? Absolutely. Does that make me a pink hat? Sure.

My relationship with the Bruins was not always like this. I was once like all of you. I grew up in a Bruins fan, my Dad loved hockey, and took me to the rink all the time as a kid to play, I loved the game even though my backwards skating left a lot to be desired. I grew up watching Andy Moog, Ray Bourque, Cam Neely, and Don Sweeney, and NHL '94 was by far my favorite Sega Genesis game (and I was great at making players bleed from the head). But then things changed, Ray Bourque went to the Avalanche, and the Bruins began to really really suck. Sergei Samsonov turned out to be a giant bust, and worst of all a series of lockouts killed my interest in the league. None of the players really interested me, and worst of all as a teenager, the media was tuning out as well, which didn't help me at all. My mind wandered to football, Celtics, and Boston College sports. The Bruins became a thing of my past, suddenly I found myself not giving a shit at all about the Bruins. I started losing track of players names, I didn't care who they were playing and when, and the NHL itself seemed completely uninteresting to me.

Even as my interest in the NHL crawled to a still, I still love hockey, but most of the time I would rather watch BC in the Frozen Four, or the Olympics, then the Bruins and Nashville. But every postseason things seem to change those feelings. Bruins playoff hockey becomes must watch TV, I try my damnedest to get excited about the four or five players I can name. GO TUUKKAAA. Heck, this weekend I even shut off the Red Sox to watch the Bruins game, something I would have never have done two weeks ago. This seems to be the trend for me, get excited for Bruins playoffs, watch them fail miserably, and then get disinterested in them again until the playoffs roll around the following season. Repeat. For you who go to Bruins games and have a mustard stained Patrice Bergeron jersey, I understand how annoying assholes like me are. As a Red Sox fan who gets homicidal when he has to sit behind cackling girls who can't name the Sox starting pitcher, let alone the opposing team, I understand how enraging pink hats can be. They steal your tickets, they co-op the blood, sweat and tears you put into your team, and their lack of knowledge is a gross insult to your fan base. But what can I say, I am a bandwagoner who is strapped in right now, enjoying the ride. But if the Bruins lose tomorrow, I can easily say they will be put on the shelf until next April, when I can blow the dust off my pink Bruins hat, ready for another exciting NHL playoffs.


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Cornelius Hardenbergh said...

Everyone's gotta start somewhere.

This whole town is ready for the Bruins to step up while at the same time not expecting them to ever get out of the first round ever again.

...and if they do step up, my tickets are going to get even more expensive...sigh.