Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Bruins Win, But Somehow Continue to Take Years Off Our Lives

After listening to and reading about as much as I could regarding the Bruins yesterday, I still couldn't decide how I felt come game-time. On one hand, the Bruins were probably the better team. On the other, they ALWAYS seem to lose games like this. So when I checked into the bar last night, the best way to describe the atmosphere was cautious optimism. Even when the Bruins jolted to a 2-0 lead, it was still eerily quiet. And when the Habs came back and tied it 2-2, an even more pronounced hush fell upon the crowd. And that's how it stayed, even when the Bruins went up 3-2, it was edge-of-your-seat intensity.

Until the game-winner. It was like the entire North End of Boston exploded. People were rushing into the streets, horns were honking, beers were being chugged. The Bruins had won their first-round series. But somehow it all seemed anticlimactic.

Maybe it's because they CAN'T FUCKING SCORE ON THE POWER PLAY. Maybe it's because they should have killed that team. But I ended up feeling very unsatisfied last night. I wanted more. I wanted the two Habs fans near me at the bar to look at each other after the game winner, nod, and each swallow a cyanide pill. I wanted PK Subban to take the podium post-game, and holding back tears and pants-shitting, announce his retirement. "Once I realized that I was a soft, sniveling pussy in a game of men, I knew it was time to hang it up." Then someone sneezes and he falls down. I wanted to go on Twitter and find a Habs fan live-tweeting his seppuku, play-by-play.

I guess it boils down to the fact that I still don't have a good feeling about this Bruins playoff run yet. I don't think anyone does. And call me foolish, but I don't know if I'll be satisfied unless they win the Cup. On the plus side, the Flyers are next, and the B's owe those fuckers something from last year. And maybe Philly's shit goaltending will break the Bruins out of their power play slump. If they can't beat Montreal again, this the next best thing. And maybe if they get past Philly I'll feel a little more confident. Or maybe they're going to need to win a goddamn Cup.

So let's win a goddamn Cup.

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