Monday, April 18, 2011

Breakfast With the Hysterics

Well good morning everyone. It's true - we're back. After an extended hiatus of booze, hookers, blow, more booze, illegal internet gambling, parole hearings, and still more booze, here we are, ready to jump back in to the Boston Sports blogging scene.

And what a day for the relaunch. Patriots Day, Marathon Monday, Sox winning more than one game in a row, Celtics winning in the playoffs, Bruins... in the playoffs... It's good stuff for Boston sports. And I'm sure BC is doing something that no one cares about, but HZMLS will be sure to keep you poste-- Ah yes, one more change to announce! HZMLS will no longer be known as HZMLS. He is now known as BCHysteria. Same dude, same stupid pathetic nonsensical awesome BC homerism, same dick jokes, just a different name.

So stay tuned, we got GHABB,Y~! in the house talking Celtics, I'll be talking Red Sox, BCHysteria (that's gonna take some getting used to) will be talking some other crap... probably concerning Doug Flutie's favorite professional bowler... but it's all here. As for myself, I'll be taking in the Red Sox game today, and being that it's 8:50 and I'm still sober, I'm WAAAYYYY behind. So enjoy the Monday; hopefully you have it off, and if you want in on my inane drunk banter at the game today, follow me on Twitter. And while you're at it, follow BCHysteria and GHABB,Y~! We're funny and offensive and shit.

And we're back.

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