Friday, April 22, 2011

Breakfast with the, screw it. BRUINS WIN! WOOOOOOO!

Playoff. Fucking. Hockey.

OK, so I fully admit to being a fairweather hockey fan. I never miss a Red Sox or Patriots or URI basketball game. I rarely miss a Celtics' game. But hockey? Unless it's like a big Bruins/Habs regular season game, I'm content for someone to not wake me until the playoffs. Judge me if you must; 5 or 6 years ago, I couldn't name 3 NHL players, let alone 3 Bruins. If anything, I think I deserve a little recognition, goddamnit! I've come a long way!

Last night, I think you saw why certain people are inclined to wait for the playoffs before tuning in. I mean, that was some sick-ass, edge-of-your-seat, crazy motherfuckin' hockey that you can only find in the playoffs. I usually relegate screaming at my TV to basketball, football, and when Hideki Okajima is pitching, but I'm certainly making an exception this series. Just ask my neighbors.

Last night was huge for a multitide of reasons. Down 2-1, can't lose, must win, down 3-1 sucks, blah blah blah. I think the best thing about last night is Montreal had arguably their best offensive game of the series...and the Bruins STILL won. The Canadiens were just killing it in the Bruins zone, especially in the first and second period, and Boston outlasted it. It wasn't the best performance by the B's defense, but when you can still take a game going away like that, it's huge. Ryder, Kelly, and Ference all played awesome, even if the B's can't get a power play going to save their life. They might not need it to win this series.

Oh, and speaking of Ference, I don't care what anyone says, he did what we all were thinking.

Fuck you Montreal.

Especially you, Subban.

Go Bruins.

(shout to SBNation for the pic)

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