Monday, October 25, 2010

A Short Little Prayer


Dear God:

I know I haven't been a very good Catholic lately, heck I swear, drink and only go to church when I'm forced to. But today I come to you a humble man. I pray that in your devine wisdom you can find a way to intervene and make Gene DeFilipo fire Frank Spaziani and Gary Tranquil. And if you can DeFilipo amenable to your wisdom, you could always have Father Leahy fire them all. He seems like a spiritual man, and I think you would have many happy followers if all three were gone. Lord, I feel like Moses in the desert. Walking around aimlessly looking for some type of salvation. I tried praying to Herzlich but he's just one man (one hell of a man at that), and I tried praying to Shinskie but that was intercepted by the Devil, so Im back to you. I know in the Bible people suffer, but Lord, I can't stand to suffer much more, please do what's right. Fire them all, and if you do Ill promise to stop making diddling priest jokes and become pro life. Heck I will even put a LIFE STARTS AT CONCEPTION bumper sticker on my car. I love you god, please don't fail me now. I've dealt with too much crap over the last month to handle more rejection.

Your faithful servant,