Monday, July 26, 2010

Meast of the Year

Boston College opens its 2010 season in a little more than a month, which is big news for me and the 500 other fans who follow this team. But the biggest story is the return of linebacker Mark Herzlich, who is coming back after whooping cancer's ass. Only a year after chemotherapy, and an insertion of a metal rod in his leg, Herzy is back and according to him he expects to be better than his ACC Defensive Player of the Year campaign in 2008. Could he win a Heisman? Probably not, but a delusional Eagles fan can dream right? I know this is Mass Hysteria, home to thousands of poop, fart and dick jokes, but please watch the video above. Herzlich's story is pretty amazing, especially when the only college football stories out are about Florida players taking $100,000 payouts from agents, and Lane Kiffin stealing coaches from other coaches who respected him. Even if you don't give a shit about BC football (and I know almost all of our readers don't), this might, just might, give you a reason to turn on an Eagles football game come this fall.

Hat Tip to Eagle in Atlanta for the Video.

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