Monday, July 12, 2010

Chicks Dig the Long Ball- Home Run Derby LiveBlog

So I have nothing better to do than watch the Joe Morgan-Chris Berman announced home run derby. No Pujols, AROD, Fielder, Adrian Gonzalez, but who do we start off with first? Chris Young? Is he even an All Star?

8:17- I really hate Chris Berman and Joe Morgan, but really what interesting things can you say about an exhibition skills contest? "Chris Young has a strong swing!" , man what I would pay to hear one of them say "God this was so much better when they were all on steroids" One home run to start, and then two fly balls that make the kids run around like retards trying to catch them. Did I look that bad when I played Little League. No HZMLS, you looked worse.

8:19- Holy Shit, Joe Morgan actually said something useful. I honestly had no idea they played home run derby during actual batting practice. Chris Young continues to hit as I envisioned Chris Young to hit. Eight outs.

8:22- According to Joe Morgan it took until this year for the pitchers to really get used to video. He then goes on to talk about how awesome Grand Funk Railroad's album is, and asked Berman who shot JR.

8:24- As I write all that other shit, Vernon Wells makes a ton of outs. I need to drink like 3 more beers to enjoy this. Wells is out 10 outs 2 home runs, and one gigantic nose. Great job eh?

8:30- Corey Hart is up next, can't wait to see some more line drives. Oh and Berman whips out his first stupid name pun "You gotta have Hart". Damn Yankees! The fact that I know that, makes me feel very very gay.

8:34- As you listen to Chris Berman, remind yourself, this ass clown is going to be honored at the National Football Hall of Fame. Jesus, I need another drink .There is no way I am going to make it through this Derby with the sound on, time to turn on Stern as I live blog

8:46- I'm done. I tap out.

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