Friday, June 25, 2010

Mass Hysteria's Foray Into Short Film

The 'Gody
Written and directed by Smarty Barrett

(Scene: Celtics war room, 2010 NBA Draft, June 24, 2010)

Celtics' Adviser: Well Danny, that was a nice first round pick with Bradley, the guy seems like a stud and he'll be a great back-up to Rondo.

Danny Ainge: Thanks. Well that's one need addressed: the back-up point guard. What else do we need? Who are we losing this year?

Adviser: Well, let's see... Scalabrine's contract is up.

Ainge: (scratches head) Mmmhmm... well, I would like to replace as many guys as possible. What sort of skill set are we looking to fill here?

Adviser: Well, uh, he's basically like... a tall goofy white guy who's not very good.

Ainge: (jumps up from table) I know just the guy!

(cut to: 2010 NBA Draft podium)

David Stern: And with the 52nd pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, the Boston Celtics select... Luke Harangody, Notre Dame.

(cut to: The Harangody household)

Luke: YES!! (turns off Jack Johnson on iPod) (high-fives friends) (stumbles) (gets sunburned) (eats mayonnaise sandwich)

(cut to: Celtics' war room)

: Danny, you've done it again!


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