Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sippin on Gin and Juice, LAAAIIIDDDD BACK

Sorry it's been a while folks, but this post needed to happen. There are so many things with this picture that just explode with an orgasm of awesomeness all over my face.

1. Dr. Dre in a Red Sox uniform
2. Dr. Dre taking batting practice
3. Dr. Dre hit a ball off the wall, meaning on Sunday Dr. Dre hit the ball further than David Ortiz.

As we saw on Sunday this team does not need more hitting; they will hit the ball fine. What this team does need is a tad of what they call gangsta. Sure, they have the scruffy sweatyhead and chinbeard of Youkilis, and the fuck-yeah brigade and Josh Beckett, but do they have this?

If Theo wants to win this year, just throw on The Chronic, and I will guarantee at least 4 dead Bloods and 95 wins. At least throw Dre in the lineup every five days, and he could just stare at the pitchers and sneer, "Hey man, my boy Eazy needs some company, wanna join him?" Guarantee the pitcher will throw hanging curveballs every pitch. Bad case scenario he couldn't be any worse than Varitek right? And I bet he could bag Heidi Watney just by looking at her.

Hey Dre. Drop Detox. Please.

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