Friday, April 23, 2010

May I Please Clear Something Up?

Contrary to what all my followers on Twitter claim, I have nothing against Devin McCourty. In fact, he seems like he could be a very serviceable and explosive player with freak athletic ability. Jesus, he blocked how many punts in college? My problem comes not with the player, but with the Patriots' coach and the alleged system that Patriots fans clamor makes him an infallible genius.

As I sat in front of the television last night watching the draft unfold, I had a sneaking suspicion the Patriots would trade down. Belichick has been talking all off-season about how deep this draft is, and if the last ten years have taught Patriots fans anything, it's that Belichick LOVES value. So when the Patriots traded out of 22, and then out of 25, I figured the next logical step would be trading out of 27 into the 2nd round...maybe grab an extra 3rd round pick along with a 2nd. That would be fine, four picks in the 2nd round of a very deep draft? Sounds great! But that didn't happen, instead the Patriots picked McCourty, who most pundits thought wasn't even the best CB available at the time (Kyle Wilson). So unless I am missing something, the Patriots reached at 27 for a player that in most likelihood would have been available in the 2nd round. In the grand scheme of the Patriots plans, how the hell does this make any sense?

Second, let's forget the value thing for a second and look at the pick. A cornerback, presumably drafted to play 3rd cornerback for the Patriots and a solid special teams player, is certainly a need (Jonathan Wilhite is terrible), but is it really that pressing? Look at all the other missing pieces the Patriots have right now; Wide Receiver, Tight End, Defensive End, Outside Linebacker, Inside Linebacker, Running Back. Is a 3rd Cornerback that pressing of a need? No it's not, especially with so many good options out there that could immediately improve this team and fill slots that still remain empty, mainly with special talents like Dez Bryant and Jerry Hughes. Will the Patriots have anyone next year that will be able to rush the passer? Do you really trust that Wes Welker will be the same Welker next year?

Look, I don't hate this kid, and it's fine that he is on the team. I am just sick and tired of reading yahoo Patriots fans and Belichick apologists constantly making excuses for Lord Belichick. Yes he is a master tactician and talent evaluator, but you also need to realize he makes mistakes, especially in drafts. Look at Chad Jackson. But maybe I am completely wrong about this whole situation. Maybe in one evening Belichick will parlay his four picks into four solutions that will fix the Patriots, but then again he may be an arrogant douche, trade out of the 2nd round with a bunch of the picks and get a whole bunch of 4th-6th round talent. Will that be enough to overtake a much improved Jets team, and a Dolphin team that always plays the Pats tough? Will Tom Brady be throwing to David Patten and Alge Crumpler this season? Will we have to watch Peyton Manning go through an entire game without ending up on his ass at least once? I'm not looking forward to finding out.

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