Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mass Hysteria Attempts to Create a New Fantasy Pool

Now that March Madness is over, the Gambling bug that dwells deep in my soul has become hungry and demands that I continue to waste money. Now I have fantasy baseball, which is cute but literally takes five minutes out of my day to set up. That leaves me with 23 hours and 55 minutes to think of other ways to blow my money. So this afternoon I was tweeting, (you can read my 140 character ramblings here), and I was thinking, how could I get that same adrenaline rush with the NFL draft that I get picking UCLA with the spread against Montana. Then I thought. Let's start a pool on our blog guessing who the Patriots pick in the draft. So here it goes. In the comment section
1. Pick four players that you think the Patriots will draft in the first two rounds (don't give a shit about rounds 3 on).
2. Only thing is, if someone has already picked that combination, you can no longer pick those four together. So if say GHABBY was to choose, Tebow, Sam Bradford, Colt McCoy and Jimmy Clausen, then that combination is off the board.
3. If one of the picks is traded, then it will be just three picks that will be evaluated.

So let's get it started, winner will get a Mass Hysteria t-shirt (when they are created)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOWZERS!

HZMLS: Brandon Graham, Demaryius Thomas, Aaron Hernandez, Sergio Kindle

Who you got?

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@PatsPropaganda said...

Jerry Hughes, Demaryius Thomas, Tyson Alualu, Rob Gronkowski