Saturday, March 20, 2010

Why Would you Invite Me to This?

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, things have been kind of busy in my life. I was sitting down at my computer drinking a beer, watching NCAA basketball when I got an email from 'Charity Hop". I usually just ignore these, because honestly I don't use my blog to advertise for others, I am in this for the cash homie. But after reading the email, I found out Charity Hop was actually inviting myself and the other editors of Mass Hysteria to the official release of the wine, which will include both Jacoby Ellsbury and Josh Beckett showing off their ChardonK and ZinfandEllsbury (advertising brilliance). It's for a charity so I can't rip on it too much, even though I found the MannyMerlot kind of lazy and the YoukGrigio made me absolutely shitfaced after two sips. And to top it all off, Heidi Watney is emcee'ing the event. Let me get this straight, Beckett and Ellsbury, free booze and Heidi Watney.....and I'm invited? FOR FUCKING FREE? Give me one good reason I shouldn't be there slamming red wine with Josh Beckett, while asking Heidi Watney what type of underwear she prefers? Only one problem, it's a weekday at noon. Please believe I am going to be slipping out of the office for a very long, drunk lunch break.

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Boston Sports said...

I am going to this too! Should be fun!