Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Somewhere in Atlanta, Matt Ryan is smiling

(photo courtesy of Everyday Should be Saturday)
One of the hardest games I ever watched was the then #2 Boston College Eagles losing at home to the Florida State Criminoles. No, I was not naive enough to think that BC team was title game worthy, but we had a Heisman candidate in Matty McDreamy, and were undefeated going into an national televised game against FSU. So yeah, at that point I was a little bonkers about BC's chances: SCREW IT BRING ON OKLAHOMA OR TEBOW WE CAN TAKE THEM! To best recap the game, just imagine Baldwin going to the Center of Alumni Stadium, pulling down his pants and taking a giant bird shit in front of the cameras. That's basically what it felt like. This game was definitely one of those moments where I had to deal with the stark realization that "You route for a team that holds their players to such rigorous academic standards that stud prospects don't go here, you will never be a contender for the National Title"

But now Bobby Bowden and his crew of mongoloids have to vacate 12 wins, because, well they dun read dat gud. I guess that's what happens when your entire football team is at Strokers while Myron Rolle does their homework for all of them. But somewhere in my diluted little mind "vacated" means "BC wins", and sit at my desk and daydream about the BCS bowl we should have gone to. Ugh, I need a life.

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Pepster said...

This has nothing to do with Matt Ryan or BC, but, after a long absence, I wanted to let you know I am currently at the Red Sox-Marlins Spring Training game. Jed Lawries is starting today.