Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Somehow the Patriots Forgot to Scout Other Teams

Sorry if I haven't been diligent with Patriots lately, instead spending some time to bitch about Ronan Tynan and mock that "college" in Florida. But the Patriots have been "busy" "improving" for next year. Who did we sign?

* Vince Wilfork to an extension
* Leigh Bodden to a new deal
* Stephen Neal to a new deal
* Tully Banta Cain to a new deal

WOW! So the 2009 Patriots team that I thought wasn't very good, hasn't done ANYTHING this off season except bring back the same guys they had on last years team. It's ok its not like we needed a monster pass rusher like Julius Peppers, or a veteran LB like Karlos Dansby, or Kyle Vandenboesch's bald head on the Pats. As GHABBY said to me earlier "this team is cruising to go 9-7" and as Smarty said "this team is going to be pretty mediocre". I am very happy to see Vince Wilfork and Stephen Neal return, and we have to have someone play cornerback, but who is going to play 2nd/3rd/4th WR, rush the quarterback, or play tight end? Daniel Fells? WHO THE HELL IS THAT? 28 career catches, well um, so he is like an um, WHAT? Ok ok ok, maybe Belichick has some master plan to fix this team with the four picks he has in the first two rounds of the draft? Watch, you just watch, first thing he does is trade a pick in this years draft for picks next year.


ballamiguel said...

That's what happens when you spend time in career purgatory a.k.a. St. Louis. People don't know who you are.

Breakout year for Mr. Fells.

GHABB,Y~! said...

Kevin fucking Faulk. It's like he's not even trying.