Friday, February 12, 2010

Your Semi-Irregular College Hoops Post

Yes, the college hoops posting here lately has been lacking to say the least, but rest assured: college ball is still...what's the phrase? Oh yeah: FUCKING AWESOME. For anyone who hasn't been paying attention this year, all I can tell you is there's so much parity right now that my head hurts just THINKING about filling out a bracket come March. Who's the best team right now? Kansas? Kentucky? Syracuse? Bryant? It's a wide open field this year, so be sure to fasten your seatbelts on March 18th.

One thing I can tell you this year is that there's no question in my mind who the best player in the league is: Ohio State's Evan Turner. Yeah yeah, I'm sure GHABBY et al will tell you about John Wall and how OMG NAZTY LEBRON #1 PICK!!! he is, but Turner is more NBA-ready at this point. Wall has a ton of raw talent, but he is just a freshman and he's prone to mistakes. I think his upside is higher, but if you're strictly discussing the best player RIGHT NOW, it's Turner, no question. Watch the dude play if you haven't already.

Now onto *gulp* my Rhode Island Rams. Honestly the reason I've been hesitant to post on them is because I am insanely superstitious and genuinely afraid of a jinx. But they're 19-4, 7-3 in the very tough A-10, and have a real good shot at making the tourney this year. Ahhh I'm jinxing them! Shut up, Smarty, shut up!

For now, check out the interview I did with the Temple Owl's blog The Owl's Nest about the game tomorrow between URI and Temple. Should be a good one; check it out if you can, and check out their site as well. I'm betting a lot of D-1 teams wish they had a fan blog this good. Enjoy it, and enjoy the countdown: 4 weeks to Selection Sunday!


ballamiguel said...

Not bad for someone who sustained transverse process fractures of the second and third lumbar vertebra just a couple months

shaun said...

Couldn't get a feed of the URI game to watch. Kinda glad I didn't, bad game, saw Temple jumped out early like 22-10 or something and roll.

I also bought EA NCAA Basketball 10. Haven't started a dynasty, but been using URI. Richmond is the shit, I can say this now.

オテモヤン said...