Tuesday, February 2, 2010

So, would that make Bill Belichick the Professor?

"See Dirt Dogs, just because he doesn't show a lot of emotion statistics show that JD Drew is a great player."

Over the past year we have made it pretty clear that we are not big fans of the blog Boston Dirt Dogs. Now you may say, "If you don't like it just don't go there!". But here is thing about the site that irks me. It's linked to Boston.com, which gives them great exposure even though its written by a writer that hardly ever produces anything for the paper. It also bugs the crap out of me that the horseshit on BDD is considered to be the viewpoint of Bostonians, which thank god it isn't. There are so many good blogs out there that should be given this publicity (Surviving Grady, Stanley Cup of Chowder for example) but are not. Instead they give us posts like this, submitted by one of their dunderhead readers:

"At what point did things change on Gilligan's Island? Brady used to be Mary Ann, now he is Ginger. Peyton used to be Ginger, maybe even Mrs. Howell (Lovey), and now has become Mary Ann! Brady used to be the likeable 6th rounder who defied odds and someone you always wanted to hang with (Mary Ann), now he runs in exclusive circles and has become that untouchable--almost insufferable (pictures of yourself w/a animal over your shoulders) person you can not relate to (Ginger). Meanwhile, Manning has gone from the elitist, robotic QB that no one could stand/want to hang with even though they are immensely talented (Ginger) to now the self depreciating, likable midwesterner that you may just want to hang out with (Mary Ann). Seriously, at this point, whose house would you want to go over to for a BBQ? Aside from the fact that Gisele would be at one---and let's face it, at this point I am not even sure Brady WOULD HAVE A BBQ---probably a fondue party where the required dress would be an ascot. Good grief Tom---get back to being Mary Ann!"
-- Rick B."

Ok, the analogy sort of works I guess. But it's stupid. This is what we call a "reach", it's long, confusing, convoluted and not funny at all. Which is why BDD posted it. That is like me comparing Nick Green, Heidi Watney and Jason Varitek to Rachel, Joey and Chandler on Friends (kick me in the nuts for knowing that). And secondly, who the hell cares if Tom Brady is big time now? He won us three fucking Super Bowls!!! God, is that site created only to complain about Boston sports?

Anywho. So for all ya'll who like to Twitter, Twit, Tweet, Twat whatever it's called, Smarty, GHABBY, and myself are now part of the cult. If you would like to hear random musings from Smarty, incidents and Tennessee from GHABBY, and drunk ramblings from me, please follow us!


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Final order of business. Much love to Boston Sports Media Watch and their writers who have included us weekly in their blog rolls. It's pretty impressive that a site that quality would want to associate with a bunch of Boston schmoes who like to curse and make dick jokes. But in all seriousness that site is primo. Definitely give them a click if you want to know what is going on in Boston sports.


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I like how that poster assumes that just because Brady is married to a supermodel, that it changed thetype of person HE is. Of course he met a super model, he's a famous athlete, things like that happen. He could have found an old schoolmate and married her, someone no one had ever heard of. Who's to say? Doesn't change the type of guy he is. Good work HZMLS in pointing out the ignorance of the BDD post.

Also, Peyton looks like a horse.