Monday, February 8, 2010

A Post For the Whole Family!

Hey, kids! I'm so glad your parents let you join us, because normally we're a site only for mommies and daddies! Did your mommy or daddy let you stay up and watch some of the Super Bowl last night? They did! Well, then you're ready for today's Mass Hysteria trivia question, for kids!

OK now, focus really hard on this. Can you point to the quarterback that is now 9-9 in the playoffs with 19 interceptions in those 18 games?

That's right! Peyton Manning!

Good for you! OK now, it's time to leave the room. I need to talk to your mommy or daddy in private now. Thanks for playing!


OK, they gone? Sweet.

Now here's your trivia question: The media continuing to compare Tom Brady's post-season prowess with Peyton Manning's is:

a. Completely irresponsible
b. Totally fucked up
c. Goddamned embarrassing
d. All of the above

Well done, you're just as smart as your kid.

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