Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The News You Are All Dying to Hear

BC's stellar recruiting class is complete. Now it's nowhere near the level of Florida's but it is still impressive. Leading the class is Chase Rettig, a California QB who could be starting soon, and Shakim Phillips a four star WR. Who else was Coach Spaz able to bring in?

* Rip Torn
* Bill Romanowski
* Scott Brown
* Lucky the Leprechaun
* In need of another kicker they grabbed these four Superfans to sign a LOI
* Doug Flutie's nephew of his third cousin twice removed.
* Eytucan ,chief of the Na'vi
* The illegitimate child of Mark Chmura and a 17 year old
* Sean Williams
* The bouncer at MaryAnne's
* Michael "The Situation" Sorrentino
*Anyone in Matt Ryan's family that has any eligibility left.
* Exclusive rights to Tim Tebow Jr

Did I miss anyone?

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