Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Pitchels and Catchels Day!

Hi, evelyone, me solly if my English is no good. Solly Solly (bows). I knows you is all concelned about the 2010 season after I missed all of last year with a sore arm. But I am here on Mass Hystelia to let you know that I will be a bigger savior for Boston than Hirohito to my people. I know you all concerned about my condition this year, and I want to leassure you that I will be fine, because I have put together a ligolous offseasonwolkout. Back in Japan, I spent the winter singing kalaoke at Yankee Sam's Amelican Bar, and Sake bombed like I was a Japanese Josh Beckett. But you no worry, I have done other things as well. For two weeks stlaight I played Beatles Rock Band with my wife Lockets my favolite song being "Ruchee in the Sky with Diamonds". You would never know it but I'm a VELY VELY GOOD DRUMMER, I much bettel than Lingo Stall. What, you don't think video games is a suitable workout? You might be right, all that locking and lolling has made my back sore, god I can balely get out of bed. But the Japanese have a cure fol this:
Ah, that is much much better. My back will better vely soon, and if not good, no worry, I will committ seppuku on Opening Day, make all velly velly happy . BaNZAI!

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