Monday, February 1, 2010

Borges Still Thinks He Dogged It

See there is still harmony in the Patriots-Randy Moss bizarro universe. We finally get the truth after listening to every crotchety, bitter reporter claim that Moss dogged it to end the season, that he was dodging contact, and best of all that he gave up on his team. Because as we all know, team captains constantly just quit on their teams.

"Wide receiver Randy Moss was diagnosed with a separated shoulder following the Patriots' season and that was the reason he did not play in the Pro Bowl, a league source said on Monday."

Yeah what a lazy douchebag. God, Wes Welker would have gone out there with torn ACL, MCL and a shattered knee and taken shots up the middle from Ed Reed. Hell he would have gone to an after Super Bowl party with Ray Lewis, licked his wounds with his saliva, and played the next game. Because he is that gritty and tough. Moss on the other hand bailed on a pass because he wanted the Patriots to lose so he could be at home listening to Lil Wayne, smoking blunts, while drinking Hennessey. Straight cognac biatch.

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