Monday, January 4, 2010

Who's Ready For Some Playoff Football!!!!

Ironically enough I was in line at a liquor store when I saw it happen. Watching it on the TV right above the beer, I knew it right away. Welker was fucked. As I saw him limp back to the locker room and in a manner that was eerily similar to Tom Brady last year, my skin got clammy and cold, and I decided maybe a 12 rack was going to be necessary to make it through the game. The announcers didn't need to say anything, it was pretty clear that Welker was going to miss alot of time. Definitely the entire playoffs, most likely good chunks of 2010 as well. This morning, we found out the worst, WEEI reports that Welker is going to miss ALL of next season. Our firecrackery-gritty-grinding-whatever other adjective best describes "quick and fast white wide receiver", will not be a factor next season.


At the beginning of Christmas vacation I got in a light hearted argument with my father about sports. For some reason, my dad was convinced the Patriots were a Super Bowl caliber team, while good ole skeptical me thought otherwise. I told my dad that there was NO WAY the Patriots could get by the Chargers, and there was a good possibility they could lose their first round game. My father quickly responded with "Want to put some money on that?" I jumped at the opportunity, and quickly we had a bet in place.

1. If the Pats don't make the Super Bowl I get $50 from my dad.
2. If the Pats win the AFC and make the SB he gets $50 from me
3. If the Pats win it all, I'm down $100

Some of my homerific friends called me a traitor and asshole for betting against my hometown team. Fine whatever, I pride myself on being a smart fan, and when I can win an easy buck I'll take that bet any day. After Sunday though, I feel like I have an even bigger unfair advantage over my dear ol' pops. I hate to be the guy that has to break it to you, but the Patriots are cooked. I didn't think this team was very good before the injury, but after? Stick a fork in em. No matter what he looks like (yes he is white too), Julian Edelman is NOT Wes Welker. In fact he is not even half the receiver Welker is, which leaves us with a gigantic hole at the #2 WR slot. God is Joey Galloway still available? Now defenses can now swarm Moss all game, and let Brady throw to Sam Aiken or Edelman or whatever other subpar WR we have on our roster. Face it folks, this seasons the Pats MVP is gone, and there is no one on the roster that can even come close. And oh boy we drew the Ravens the first round! The team we only beat because their equally incompetent wide receiver dropped a wide open touchdown catch on fourth down!

And please, don't get me started on what I would like to do to Bernard Pollard. Even though is only a blog, I have ethics, and I don't want lawyers coming after me.


Oz said...

You are a traitor and an asshole for betting against your hometown team.

Seriously, though, not liking our chances now. Point stands, though.

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