Friday, January 8, 2010

This Post Will Probably Piss You All Off

Look, I love the Patriots, and I really really want to see them win on Sunday. I just don't think it's going to happen. No, I haven't swallowed the medias bullshit, and this has nothing to do with the bet I have going on with my father. I just think when you look at everything, this season, at this time the Ravens are a better team.

But HZMLS, the Pats already beat the Ravens at home. Why would they lose this time?

If you remember that game, then you can also recollect how close the Patriots came to losing that game. If the Ravens didn't shoot themselves in the foot with stupid penalties, and a god awful drop at the end of the game, the Patriots would have lost it. No doubt in my mind. And that was with Wes Welker.

Enough has been said about our white bread Wide Receiver, who won't be playing Sunday. There is no one on that roster that can play a solid #2 WR. Sam Aiken is a nice story, but can he catch 5-8 passes a game? I doubt it. Look at the depth chart, who else could they throw out there? Matthew Slater? And listen, just because they are shaped the same, and have the same colored skin, Julian Edelman is not Wes Welker. He just isnt', he doesn't have the hands, speed, or knowledge of the Patriot's offense that Welker has. So what will the Patriots do on offense with Moss being double covered the entire game? If your answer is run the ball, understand that the Ravens run defense is one of the best in the league, and held the Patriots to 2.8 yards per carry. Yards are going to be hard to come by. This post is making my head hurt.

Then there is the defense, the same defense that allowed Joe Flacco to throw for 267 yards last game, and was torched by Ray Rice. Wilfork and Warren are probably not going to be playing at 100%. Will they be able to stop the Ravens offense, and prevent them from pointing up points? God I hope so, but I doubt it. I know the game is at Foxboro, and the Patriots don't lose playoff games in the cold, but there are just too many glaring holes in this team for them to continue this trend.

So Patriots fans, you can let me hear it. I am picking the Baltimore Ravens to win on Sunday at Foxboro. The troubles on offense are just too glaring to go up against such a great defense, and I think the Brady will struggle. Yes, immortal Tom Brady probably will have an off game Sunday, a la Denver 2006. I expect him to be shooting lots of glares at his o-line, and receivers, kind of the "What the fuck, do I have to do everything myself" look.

I will be at Fenway tonight rooting for the Eagles, so if you see me and want to launch trash, used condoms, and dirty diapers feel free to. God I hope I'm wrong.

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