Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A message from the NFL ProShop

You-za can git yo' own Randy Moss mask offishoully at the NFL pros-shop. Iz you a white boi' from Ransndolf that is finnin to luk like yo' favourite Patriots Wides Receiver? Iz Amos n' Andy yo' favorite radio show? Then this is the mask fo' you! Looks at the nappy hair, and the big lips. Hellz we got all of the black features down pat fo sho! Heres at the NFL Proshop we'zah neva hurd of black face, and seez nuthin' wrong wit' sellin' you diz mask for $40. That's like 6 packs of Kool cigs! So if youzah headin down to the game on Sunday, youzah better be sure to bring yo' Randy Moss mask!

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