Thursday, January 14, 2010


Want to know how shit poor bad the Boston College basketball season has gone? They lost to this guy, jesus he looks like my favorite mormon Jonathan Heder. Remember the guy that did Napoleon Dynamite and then made a bunch of films that were incredibly unfunny because his religion doesn't allow him to swear or show boobies? Well anyways Kyle Singler, Duke's next white player extraordinaire, next "superstar" at Duke, who will undoubtedly will vanish in March, and completely implode in the NBA. Not that BC can talk, though Jared Dudley is having quite a year in the NBA, but at least their basketball program isn't hyped up to the point of vomiting by the main stream media. Anyway BC got their ass handed by Singler and the rest of Duke yesterday at Cameron Stadium. BC completely fell asleep in the 2nd half after actually leading at one point, which makes this loss suck even more.

Well Boston College blows. Everyone already knows that they lost to Maine, St. Joes and Harvard. Right now they are more clueless than I was when I finally got to be with a girl. BC just kind of fumbles around, every once in a while something works for a little bit, but in the end everyone leaves feeling like a miserable failure. At this point who the hell knows what Al Skinner is thinking, it seems like his basic game plan consists of:

1. Pass the ball around the perimeter
2. Fail to get the ball inside
3. Rush and take ill advised outside shot
4. Fail to get rebound
5. Get burned on transition
6. Slash wrists
7. Repeat

This past month has been hard being an Eagle fan after watching BC football get burned by USC, and BC hockey lose to BU at Fenway. This basketball team is terrible, there is no way to deny it. The way the Eagles are playing it wouldn't surprise me if BC loses out the rest of their schedule. My only question is HOW THE HELL DID MIAMI LOSE TO THIS TEAM?

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