Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Compromise We Can All Live With

Last night the final move was made by Herr Theo, and it was a brilliant move. No he didn't trade forAdrian Gonzalez, but he completed what could be his most masterful off-season to date. Adrian Beltre is coming to the Red Sox, a third baseman who next to Evan Longoria is the best defensive third baseman in the league, and whose offense has mired in pitchers parks for most of his career. He isn't going to hit 48 home runs, but for a one or two year experiment (depending on the option), he is definitely a solid signing. When looking at this signing take out last year, it was a complete fluke, he had terrible bone spurs that made him a bigger invalid than GHABBY, and in August he took a ball to the balls, which...god that is fate I wouldn't wish on anybody. Beltre isn't a bad hitter at all. I tweeted about it last night (yeah I know, tweeting is for queermos)
In 2008 Beltre had an OBP that was .40 higher on the road, and an OPS that was. 160 higher away from Safeco. Add in that Fenway was made for pull hitters like Beltre, and the stats clearly show he is going to be a good investment.

Listen Red Sox fans, this team is not going to look like the teams that won the World Series in 2004 an '07. Our lineup is no longer going to strike fear into pitchers, instead defense and good pitching is going to be what the Sox relies on to win. Is it going to be as fun to watch? Well it depends on what you are looking for, if you like to see 11-9 games then probably not, but if you get chubbys seeing great defensive plays and epic pitching performances 2010 will be the year for you. The Red Sox have arguably the best pitching staff top to bottom in ALL OF BASEBALL, and defensively they are the best. Bar none, Youk, Scutaro, Beltre and Pedroia are all Gold Glove caliber infielders. And things get better in the OF, Drew, Cameron and Ellsbury are all great outfielders. And they are going to win, alot, as Globe writer Peter Abraham put it "That is a far more consistent and predictable way to wins games than loading up on offense."

Ellsbury apologists you get to keep your man, and honestly I am totally ok with that. He isn't going anywhere for the time being, and will definitely be our starting CF come opening day. He is a great player and it would be better for our system if we can wait until next year to sign Adrian Gonzalez. Now the question remains, what do we do with Mike Lowell? My response, get rid of him at all costs. I understand he is a great clubhouse guy, and blah blah blah, but he can barely field his position and has a hip condition that is not going to get any better. This is baseball and a business folks, a business of winning and losing, and Lowell is old and pretty worn out. He has become kind of like the Old Yeller of the Red Sox, a loyal friend that is old and sick, and needs to....well I'm not advocating that he should be shot, but he if taking him behind the shed can be an analogy for trading him, I will go with it.


Gweemus said...

As a big Mariner fan, I am sad to see Beltre leave, but he is not suited well to Safeco field, as you say, and he is *very* well suited to Fenway. Plus, his defense is fucking amazing...

As for the ruptured testicle...let's just say that he must have huge ones, because that happened fairly early in a game *and he played out the game*.

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