Tuesday, January 5, 2010

At least they beat the New Jersey Institute of Technology

Yes they lost to Harvard....again

And they lost to Rhody (which watching the way the Rams play isn't all that bad)

But last weekend BC lost to Maine. Yes Maine. I didn't even know Maine had a basketball team before this game. I thought the only varsity sports they had was Hockey and Bear Trapping. Maine's varsity program is so backwoods they actually do their recruiting online. No, honestly, you can actually apply to be recruited on their website. This system has an inherent flaw though, because most people in Maine don't have computers let alone the internet. The last person that mentioned the world wide web to a Mainer was stoned to death for heresy.

So here is a question, like Dave Shinskie I still have 5 years of college eligibility left. Should I apply to play, hell I don't know, football at Maine? The weight I have gained from years of drinking have given me enough weight to not get killed. Plus I can read and write, which is a plus.

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