Sunday, December 6, 2009

They are like BC but the complete opposite

For the 11th consecutive year BC is going to a bowl game, and for the 11th straight year they played just well enough to play in a shitty mid level bowl game before New Years, and for the 11th straight year they are playing some sub par....wait we are playing USC? As in the University of Southern California? As in the team led by Pete Carroll, and Taylor Mays? Holy shit, this is fucking awesome.

After USC and Cal both took mammoth shits on their respective fields last night, Stanford (who should have played BC) was elevated to a higher level bowl, while USC fell faster than Stevie Wonder on an uneven stairwell. Now does BC have a chance at winning this game? Sure! Why not. BC is going to be amped up to play a team that at the beginning of the season was projected to make the Rose Bowl. And in the same sense USC probably will mail this one in, because who the hell cares about the Emerald Bowl. But then again, BC barely beat Maryland and Virginia this year, two really crappy teams, could they still beat a team like USC, even if they aren't that good? Eh.

Plus Dave Shinskie has like six years over Matt Barkley, and has actually finished puberty. God I hate his smug face.

Now I'm off to go punch my cat as I watch the Pats game on DVR.

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