Saturday, December 5, 2009

New shortstop. Woot

Nomar Garciaparra
Orlando Cabrera
Edgar Renteria
Alex Gonzalez
Julio Lugo
Jed Lowrie
Nick Green
Alex Gonzalez

Another year another shortstop. Our wunderkind Theo Epstein's personal kryptonite. This is such a crap shoot, the Red Sox might end up with another clunker on their hands, but at least its only a two year committment, and for only six million a year. PLUS, if for some reason a superstar shortstop becomes available, say a Hanley Ramirez or Jose Reyes, the Sox could make Scutaro the leagues most expensive Super Utility player. But what if Scutaro hits this season like he did last year? A gaping hole in our lineup has been plugged (Heh).

Scutaro is a smart hitter, who unlike Alex Gonzalez will take pitches, and draw the occasional walk. For all of you who will miss Gonzalez's defense, please remember he had 15 walks all of last season. Wonder why our offense wasn't clicking at the end of last year? He is definitely one of the biggest culprits, taking the fewest pitches per plate appearance for any starting position player on the team (3.4).

Now the question remains, what the hell are the Sox going to do during the rest of the offseason?

Trade Mike Lowell? Sign John Lackey? Sign Dick Harden HAHAHAHAHAHA? Bay or Holliday? Something we haven't thought of yet? Who knows.

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