Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mike Lowell isn't going anywhere

Sometimes I get the feeling that I am in the minority in just about everything that involves the Red Sox. So color me disappointed when I heard that old man Lowell is going to be coming back for another year with the Red Sox. Let me start this post off by saying that I appreciate all that Lowell did for the Red Sox especially in 2007. But since he resigned with the Sox after the World Series, he has been a major disappointment. His .OBP has dropped 40 points, .OPS .50, he only could play 120 games last year, and his defense ohhhhh his defense.

His UZR/150 in 2007 was 8.0 which is phenomenal!
His UZR/150 in 2008 was 15.4 which is even better!
His UZR/150 in 2009 was -14.4 which is ATROCIOUS.

His UZR in 2007 was 7.3 which is great!
His UZR in 2008 was 11.1 which is AWESOME!
His UZR in 2009 was -10.4 which is VOMIT INDUCING!

Basically, Mike Lowell is a great person, and still a very serviceable player, but his skills are disintegrating at a tremendous pace. True these are stats, and they can be completely ignored to make your point (see Ellsbury, Jacoby), but just watch him. He runs like my grandfather, and can't make the plays he used to. So he fails a physical, is going to need surgery, and for the foreseeable future he is our mess. There is always the possibility that they could trade him in 6-8 weeks, but at that point all other options could be gone. Goddamn it. Every day that passes it looks like Casey Kotchman is going to be our starting 1st baseman. Is it possible that Lowell could turn everything around? There is a slim chance that could happen, but more likely we are seeing the end of a great career.

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dubbschism said...

you really need three years of defensive stats for them to really be valid. keep that in mind, especially when you're talking about ellsbury.